Higher Ground launched the new website for Bolder Cannabis & Extracts. Check out the website here: www.boldercannabisandextracts.com

The new site builds brand awareness, has a custom-built Content Management System (CMS) to easily add and remove content and images, showcases product and facilitates social sharing, includes an e-commerce solution for branded clothing, offers unique user experience to casual shoppers and wholesale customers, and improves sales by bringing customers to stores.  

We are so happy about the website because it really will be a new benchmark for excellence in this industry. The client company, Bolder Cannabis & Extracts, was founded by two true visionaries: Adam Weiss and Spencer Uniss. These guys are passionate, smart, driven, and have a vision for their company. They believe in Colorado, the future, their employees, and their product. They believe in making the best, in being the best, and they trusted us to help build a website that reflects their spirit and their goals. We are very, very grateful for the opportunity. It has been a real privilege.