World's first-ever 'weedery'?
When you read about a pot farm in a secluded forest, too often that’s because of a raid. Today, we learn about one entrepreneur that plans to open a winery-like ranch in (where else?) Colorado that will feature "tours, gourmet food, concerts, and, when law allows it, tastings." The architecture will be modern, guests will have valet parking, and a wall of plants with a waterfall will great visitors.

Smokin' in the streets
There are laws on the books that prohibit smoking weed in public, even where legal. But apparently some of that old time New York magic is back in the air; New Yorkers are casually lighting up in public. You can still get arrested for smoking in public but arrests aren't exactly happening. Fans and hand-wringers alike are pointing directly at Mayor de Blasio. Read more about the growing trend here.

When weed met tech
Efforts to legalize weed in California just got a boost as the main measures just joined forces, with one of the measures backed by a former Facebook president. The measure would legalize weed use for adults (21+) and help regulate and tax. Previous legalization initiatives in the Golden State have failed.

May the force be with you
In the spirit of a particular movie opening today (hint: it has the words "star" and "wars" in it), we thought we'd share an older link about a manufacturer that is offering a smoking device that looks like a light saber from the movie. And yes, it actually lights up. There's a Chewbacca joke in there somewhere, right?