It’s debating season in Utah
As January 2016 quickly approaches, Utah is gearing up for its legislation session that will have not one but two bills to introduce some form of legalization.  One bill proposes the legalization of edible cannabis (vaporized or consumed) while the other bill wants to expand a current law that lets kids with epilepsy use cannabis oil for treatment. Um, sounds like a win/win to us.

Chicago chef developing cannabis-infused edibles
We’re not going to lie: we’re suckers for anything fusing or pairing with chefs, breweries, and wineries. Cannabis-infused edibles are nothing new but when a local Chicago chef gets involved, offerings get even better. Products will include “chocolate brittle bars, granola bites, a chocolate drink intended to be served warm, and a ready-made mix with do-it-yourself instructions.” We’re awaiting any news of a bacon-infused product. Because, bacon.

Weed ads OK on Oregon billboards, for now
We posted last week about the Feds coming down on newspapers that run ads promoting weed. Now, it seems billboards might be raising attention with state alcohol officials that control advertising. For now, advertisers can use billboards but can’t show product or use words about “getting high.” The rules for print and marketing are also very loose. It’s going to shake out at some point, and hopefully on the positive side.

Time to bag the baggie
The market has matured, Wall Street has officially taken noticed, and weed is now mainstream. I just toured SunGrown Packaging, one company that gets branding and packaging. Unfortunately many others have no clue about how to package their product and seem stuck in 1979. Trade publication Packaging Digest offers four solid examples of companies doing package design the right way.