Ohio: The door closes (for now)
You most likely know that Ohio voted not to legalize marijuana by now. This is not that surprising. Issue 3 had a lot baggage – mostly letting a chosen few control the industry. Of course, many mainstream media outlets reported the no vote as a vote against legalization in general, though lots of pro-marijuana proponents voted against it. Legalization will be back on Ohio’s ballots again.

Mexico: The door opens
The war on drugs (and its associated corruption and violence) and strict laws might get swept away as the Mexican Supreme Court mulls over legalizing marijuana. The Court has opened the door on whether “individuals should have the right to grow and distribute marijuana for their personal use” which would ultimately lay the groundwork for more widespread legalization.

CannaTech: Lucrative, with landmines
As software and hardware companies look for the next big thing in the cannabis market to invest in (or launch their own apps and products), hurdles remain. Like? Oh, most big tech players (cough Facebook cough) refuse to do business or completely shut out anything related to weed. This piece nicely lays out the tech landscape.

Energy efficiency and weed
What does weed have to do with being energy efficient? Plenty. Think about large-scale operations (and even small ones) and the electricity needed to grow. Many local utilities are offering customers incentives to save energy and costs. For instance, Energy Trust of Oregon offers greenhouse rebates and custom lighting incentives. These types of programs will hopefully increase as legalization grows across the country.