Mainstream marijuana
The writing is on the wall, or, at least in the New York Times, in an article this week that further cements marijuana’s acceptance in the mainstream. There are fewer stoner dudes and more “moms, dads, professionals, and old people wanting access to cannabis” now. The industry has gone beyond budding and is now on the cusp of blowing wide open.

Startup lets users know what’s in their weed
Medical users have a new tool that provides information on what’s in their product and a better understanding of “which cannabinoids are best for their specific medical conditions.” Potbot according to the Potbotics website, is a medical marijuana recommendation engine that uses neural-net algorithms to recommend cannabinoid levels and custom strains to medical marijuana patients.

Denver might put the brakes on new businesses
Are you a new marijuana business looking to open shop in Denver? Not so fast. Local marijuana regulators have asked city council to keep an existing moratorium in place that lets only existing medical businesses apply for recreational usage. That moratorium, if passed, would last another two years.

How did Ohio’s weed initiative lose?
Oh, Ohio. We aren’t done talking about your recent election. (We’ll probably keep on talking about Ohio until the next initiative comes on board.) So, why did weed lose so badly? A couple of reasons according to a new Reason article: voters don’t like crony capitalism (check) and voters who participate in off-year elections are not very keen on legalization (interesting).