LA-based dispensary battles City Hall
A downtown Los Angeles marijuana dispensary is under fire by local officials and faces a possible shutdown. The business, one of LA’s earliest dispensaries, originally opened in a different location and moved downtown to comply with local regs, and falls under a voter-approved proposition that provides immunity. Not so fast: the city says they are in violation of that law. We’re curious to see how this plays out.

iCannabis: What’s new in tech and weed
Where’s there’s (legal!) weed, there’s new technology and hot start-ups. Every day, new apps and new ways to navigate the world of cannabis are popping up. This piece gives a nice roundup of the latest gadgets and gear for the tech-head.

Ohio rolls the dice next week
Elections are next week, and some states, like Ohio, will carry legalization measures. The final stretch is close. Though polls are showing Ohio residents supporting legalization, many are less likely to support legal weed if only a monopoly of wealthy investors control the supply. Will a stronger economy and less crime cancel out that concern? It might be a close call.

Recreational weed: Who’s in?
Still in the dark about what states are coming on board to legalize recreational marijuana? Rolling Stone magazine provides a state-by-state breakdown of who’s legalizing in the upcoming election. After next week’s elections and 2016 elections, the U.S. has a great shot at being more green.