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Feds rule in favor of medical provider
National, lawful (the key word here being "lawful") medical cannabis operators scored a win in federal court earlier in the week--an injunction was tossed out against Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana, one of California's oldest lawful dispensaries.

The Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment, a newly enacted law, will help prevent the feds from prosecuting legitimate businesses from doing business, and did so with this specific case. This will be something to watch as other businesses will no doubt face scrutiny as the industry matures.

Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party is now running our neighbors to the north. What does this mean for cannabusinesses? Trudeau promises the creation of a system to "tax, regulate and sell marijuana." Companies selling weed to kids, or those driving high, will be penalized. Sounds like a solid plan to us.

More than half of Americans support legal weed
In a new report just released by Gallup, a majority of Americans--58 percent--believe marijuana use should be legal across the U.S. The research found that a majority continues to favor legal marijuana; younger generations support it more than older generations, though older generations are more supportive of marijuana than they were before.

There's an app for that
We love the intersection of cannabis, technology and innovation. We also love having information when we need it. Let's say you're on vacation. Can you legally buy weed? What are the local laws? What are best dispensaries? This article looks at some of the cool apps on the market that can help answer these questions. And you can be sure there will be many more apps in development. Entrepreneurship is alive and well in our industry!

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