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Battling marijuana in Oregon, circa 1983
As Oregon nabbed $11 million in marijuana sales its first week of legal recreational use, let’s look back at how different things were in the 80s. Madonna, Reagan, the drug war. Good times. Back then marijuana was Oregon’s No. 1 cash crop (followed by wheat). However, Oregonians couldn’t grow, distribute, process, possess or even smoke weed. And the feds wanted to stop this cash crop. How? Flying U-2 spy planes over Oregon fields. Don’t believe us? Watch the video from a local station that reported on it. Times have changed.

What’s next for California?
California governor Jerry Brown recently signed a package of bills to “create a licensing and oversight framework for the growing and selling of medical marijuana and pot-infused products.” Confused on how this will play out? The New York Times published a Q&A that provided readers with the basics on the new act and what’s next for the state.

Pennsylvania still divided over legalized marijuana
A new poll revealed that Pennsylvania voters are divided over legalizing marijuana for personal use “but overwhelmingly support it being used for medical purposes.” The Quinnipiac University poll found that 49% of Pennsylvanians surveyed last month said they oppose legalizing marijuana for personal use while 47% are in favor. If marijuana were legalized, 66% said they would still “definitely not” use it.

Berkeley record shop plans to sell weed
With sluggish record sales, Amoeba Records in Berkeley has a plan: remove the jazz section and replace it with weed for sale. The store plans to turn the former jazz room into a dispensary but is facing opposition by local officials. If it doesn’t pass, locals can still get it delivered by the “Uber for weed” app we’re guessing. We’re also guessing that weed is far more popular than jazz in Berkeley. Which is weird, considering 1) this is Berkeley and 2) jazz and weed go so well together.

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